Noel and I with a Komodo dragon on Komodo Island. Komodo Island, Flores, Indonesia.

Noel and I with a Komodo dragon on Komodo Island.
Komodo Island, Flores, Indonesia.

... the short version

I love adventure, travel, discovering new places and creating exciting travel itineraries!
I'm endlessly fascinated with the group of islands which make up the country of Indonesia,
going back time and again with my partner in crime, Noel (Clark) or with my dear friends who are
as mad as I am!  Mad about photography, meeting the locals, making new friends, learning and absorbing the Indonesian culture in all its forms.
Our adventures in Indonesia have taken us to Flores, Sumba, Timor, Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi,
, Bali and many smaller islands such as Komodo, Lembata, Seraya.
I've also managed to squeeze in Ethiopia and Uganda in recent travels.

I kicked off my photographic journey in 2008 when Noel and I joined our local camera club.
In that time I've attained the photographic honours of GMAPS (Grand Master) > The Australian Photographic Society and EFIAP/s (Excellence) > the International Federation of Photographic Art.
Click here for Photographic Honours.

... and a little more

Noel and I continue to share every aspect of our involvement in photography. Over the years this shared pastime has led us to some incredibly awesome world destinations and its peoples, as well as discovering our beautiful home country of Australia in all of its glory.

When we joined our local camera club little did we know how much our interest and commitment would grow as we learnt not only from club outings and our fellow members, but also from the many guest presenters who took the time to visit and share imagery, tips, expertise and interesting viewpoints.

Our enthusiasm for photography grew and a desire to share our interest with fellow members naturally evolved into us assuming various roles within our club and broader afield.
I've enjoyed championing International competitions in my roles of International/Exhibition co-ordinator, Inter-club coordinator and Program Director. I believe participating in exhibitions and competitions pushes photographers of all levels to develop, stretch and learn, as well as keeping abreast of current photography trends. 

Noel and I are both active members of the Australian Photographic Society and have embraced the Honours system toachieve high exhibition honours, as well as taking roles within the society over the years.
I’ve acted as Folio Secretary in both Open and Nature folios, had the role of editor to the Digital Division Newsletter ‘Monitor’, Member of the Nature Division Committee and was honoured to serve on the 2013 APS Honours Selection Panel. I currently hold the role of APS Exhibition Director.
We both enjoy serving as judges for various APS approved Exhibitions/Competitions.

We're excited about 2016 – more travel, more photography, more adventures and discoveries!

Feel free to drop us a line, say g'day or anything at all.

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